Article Forge Review & Tutorial 2022- Best Ai Article Writer ?

In today’s article, I will be doing a review and tutorial for Article Forge is an AI writer that writes complete generic SEO optimized high-quality articles as they mentioned on their website. I will make sure to check if all these claims are true.
I will describe the platform so you know exactly what you will find and go over the different futures. I will show you examples of articles that I created using this software.
I will also discuss the pricing and explain the pros and cons that I found with this Ai writer. And also at the end, I will give my honest opinion regarding who can use and benefit from this tool and who shouldn’t use it because it will be just a waste of time and money.

So once you log in, you have different tabs on the top left. The new article tab is where you can write articles.
If you click on it, you will have the option to enter the full keyword and also have sub-keywords that you can enter.
You have multiple languages that you can choose from English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
you have the option to write one article at a time or you can switch to a bulk Article generator if you want to write a bunch of articles at the same time.
For the article length, you can choose 50,250, 500 up to 750 words.

Later on, I will explain what length you should use to get the best out of this AI writer.
In the article, you can choose to add a title, add an image and add a video if you wanted to. You can Replace keywords with links.
You can also post directly to your WordPress blog, and if you want to auto-post, you have that option.
In my article section that’s where you will find the articles that you created.

The WordPress tab is where you can connect your WordPress blog directly so that it will post to your blog.
You have a post scheduler if you have multiple articles set up and you want to be able to schedule those posts, you’re able to do that.
The users’ information tab will tell you exactly how many words you used so far, and how many that you have left.
you can connect Article Forge to different tools, and they provide you an API key to be able to do that.
You also have an affiliate option. You can become an affiliate.
They have a help center tab where you can have all the articles that will help you understand the tool and use it better.

To have a better visual check the YouTube video below that I made going over Article Forge.

So regarding the articles that I created, I used three different types of a topic because I wanted to test the system functionalities to see what type of result I will get. If you want to see the articles just click on the links.
The first one was “ best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face”
The second article was a “list of free Instagram template apps”.
And the third one, I wanted to have fun with this, so I asked it to review itself. The keyword was “ review”. I wanted to check if this AI writer could write a review on itself.
I chose 750 words for article length, which did not provide me with the results that I wanted.
And the main reason why I had issues with the 750-word length was that the AI tool was repeating sentences multiple times, or writing the same sentence in different ways to be able to get to the 750-word count.
All the sentences were relevant to the topic, just a lot of repetition.

So the best way to get the best content out of this AI writer is to choose the 500 or fewer words option for the article length.
I suggest breaking your article into multiple topics (or keywords) that you want to cover and requesting the AI to write an article under 500 words for each one of them. So instead of having an article about “ how to make money online” for example, you can request 3 articles under 500 words about “ make money online with youtube”, “make money online with a blog” etc.
And merge them to make it a full article.

Regarding the price, they have a five-day free trial with 10,000 words if you sign up but you will have to provide your credit card or connect to PayPal, but they won’t charge you until after 5 days. And you can cancel anytime before then.
The monthly is $57 per month, you have up to 250,000 words, and the unlimited option is $117 billed monthly.
if you choose a yearly plan, you save up to 51% on it.

Now I’m going to discuss the pros and cons that I found on this with Article Forge

The pros:

I liked the simplicity of the tool.
When you access your account everything is straightforward. You won’t need any tutorials to learn how to use it.
All the articles that I requested were on topics.
It didn’t write sentences that had nothing to do with the subject, and that’s a big thumbs up on my part.

I also like the fact that you can write articles in different languages. And if you own a multi-language website, this can be beneficial to you.

The option to connect to WordPress and have a post scheduler also is a plus, if you are someone that wants to set it and forget it type, then this will be useful to you.

And also, it doesn’t take time to write an article. For the 750 word article that I picked up, maybe a maximum of a minute for the article to be generated.

The cons

I didn’t like the fact that there are no SEO option tools that you can use to be able to optimize your article on an SEO basis.
They also do not have an option to rewrite articles.
As I mentioned earlier, this is good for short-length format articles. This is not good if you try to generate an article that is more than 500 words.

Now who should use this and who shouldn’t
Article forge is best suitable for:

– New bloggers on a budget

– People who want tools that will help them create content for their social media posts

-People who want to generate an article that they can transform into a video for their faceless youtube channels

– SEO link builders who want to generate a lot of articles for their PBN or web 2.0 blogs( 250,000 words for $57).

But this is not going to be for you if you just want one tool that will generate a full ready-to-go article regarding a topic, it’s not going to do that.

As I mentioned, if you go over 500 words, you will have a lot of issues with the quality of the article.
If you want additional tools that will help you to optimize your article with SEO, this one does not have the option.

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