Builderall reviews 2022

Today we are reviewing the marketing tool Builderall for 2022. Builderall is a tool that provides you everything that you need to market your business online. I will describe and discuss the features. We will go through the pricing, pros and cons, who I think this platform is best suited for, and who I think this is not made for.

The features

they give you everything to market your business online.

You have access to website builders.

You can create membership sites

A/B testing for your pages.

checkout pages.

You have a tool that allows you to register and manage affiliates.

Upsells and down sells pages .

you can create countdown timers.

You have tools that will help you launch your page faster.

You have the option to share your websites or to share your pages or funnels.

You have all the tools you need for email marketing.

They have a professional messenger chat box that they offer you.

WordPress integration.

You can create webinar funnels.

You are able to do Facebook all YouTube Live streaming with their platform.

You can build directories.

Option to have your VA access to your software.

They even provide you the option to create e-learning education platforms. So you can basically create a course.

You can create a membership site.

Access to a magazine builder.

You have access to a CRM final sharing.

So they really give you all the tools that you need to be able to create a brand and sell your products or services online.


So I will talk about the pricing options they offer. They have up to four options. They do have a free option, but that is something that you can use if you want to, but they do provide a 14 days trial that you can also grab that will give you 95% of the features they have.

The pricing is pretty good for what they are offering. But the difference between the pricing is obviously the features,the disc space that they allow you to have to be able to host the website and files that you may have. And also the number of subscribers that you may have for each option. The builder plan is $19.90, the marketer is at $29.90,The essential is at $49.90 and the premium at $69.90.

Builderall pros

I truly liked the way they lay out everything. For each service that they have, they offer you a specific app for it that you will have to install. If you want to do email marketing, they have apps for that. If you want to create courses, they have an app for that. So you have to go and install those apps.

They have a lot of apps that will allow you to do Everything that you want to do on the marketing side of your business online. They have everything that you need.

I liked the way they set up their tutorials. Each app has a training section on it that you can find easily. Most of the training is video based., and for a visual person like myself it is a plus.

For support, They have a live chat option section for you to chat with a live agent when you need help with the platform. They also have a whole training platform that trains you not just on how to use their platform, but also how to be a better marketer.

With their affiliate management tool, you can create multiple tier of affiliate. So other affiliates can recruit more affiliates under them and share the revenue. It’s the same system that they have for their own affiliate program.

I also love their landing pages templates. Their library is big and you can use them for different niches, for different types of products and it’s really easy to use. The website builder is easy to use. They have all the training that you need to be able to do that.

And the biggest pros for this tool is the amount of features that they offer at the price point that they charge you. Their prices are the best in the market for what you get. I was surprised, to be honest , when I was reviewing the service how much they were charging for their services.

Builderall cons

Now let’s discuss the little issues I found with their service. I truly wish that they offer a higher disk space even if they have to charge you more. Because they offer so many tools , they can attract more customers who have a big following and have a lot of content that they may want to store with 1 service only. You have ways to work around the disk space, but a 1 stop shop is always better.

I also have some issues with the way some of the links are set up on their website. Now I’m not trying to be picky here, but for me, if I find bugs on your website what does it tell me about the pages that you offer your customer? A lot of the links ,especially of the pricing page, are redirected back to the same page. If you don’t want to have those links ,just remove them. Don’t redirect them to your website. I have issues with it because I worry that maybe if I create landing pages with their service, I may have the same issue and have some of my links redirected. I truly hope that they fixed that issue on their website.

So those are just the 2 issues that I had with them. But overall everything seems good. They offer a lot of options and you know, for the price point is really great.

Let’s now talk about who this service is best suited for

This is a good service for you If you are a new to intermediate online marketer and you’re trying to sell your services or digital product online. You can beat their prices. They offer you so many tools at a great price.

So if you are someone that does not have a huge following and you want to start at this online marketing you know, adventure and create the business online if he wants to create membership sites if you want to you know, start creating courses this is going to be the platform for you because again, the price points and for everything that they offer you for, for everything that you have access to that you don’t have to pay for it, just not I’m not seeing any tools that is, that is matching what they’re offered for the price that they charge you.

Who This may not be suitable for

Now, this may not be good for you If you are somebody that has already a big online business with a huge following and already probably using other services right now. Although you can have a lot of tools with this platform, This may not be the right one for you because, for me, someone with a big online business should always go with an established service that has been on the market for a long time already.

I would just give them one more year to be honest. Just giving them one more year to see how the service will grow and if they will also offer more options for more disk space.

This may not be a great service for online course creators because their course creation app isn’t the best one on the market. They have a certificate that you can add to the course to provide to your students, but it was hard for me to try to set it up and I wasn’t able to see if the student’s info , like name, will appear on it or not. But in general, the course creation app is still not the best compared to what you have on the market.

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