Do You Have To Pay For Print-on-demand

The answer to the question do you have to pay for print-on-demand is:

No you don’t have to.

There are multiple options to start a print-on-demand business without any monetary investment and we will discuss all the options in this article.

All you need to start your business without spending any money are places to get free designs that you can use and platforms that will host your design and take care of the selling, shipping, and customer support for you.

Below you’ll find a list of platforms that will host your products and help you sell them and deliver them with no upfront cost.

Merch by Amazon

It is an on-demand t-shirt printing service. The free service allows sellers to create and list their t-shirt designs on Amazon.

You receive royalties from the purchase of your shirt when someone buys it. There are no upfront costs involved.

Your design can be uploaded, select your colors, prices, and Amazon will handle the rest of the process.

If you aren’t already involved, now is an important time to get involved.

You fill in a short form and then wait to receive your approval.
You’ll need to get your application in as soon as possible, as it often takes between weeks, maybe months.

Once you are approved by Amazon, you will be asked for a few basic details, then you can start it off.


Printful and Teespring are both POD dropshipping companies, so they are very similar.

Teespring may be the most suitable print company for you if you’re just getting started with print on demand and selling online.

By using Teespring’s handy designer tool, you can get anything looking great quickly and easily.

You will have to set the minimum quantity and price of your products once your pieces are ready to go.


ShineOn is a platform that allows designers and sellers to create jewelry products that are made using POD materials.

If you prefer, you can create designs yourself or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Once you have finished designing, you will need to upload it into the ShineOn platform, select a piece of jewelry to put the graphics on, and create mockups to be used for marketing purposes.

ShineOn will only make the product once a purchase has taken place.

Product creators earn money from the difference between the price of the item sold and the amount it took ShineOn to make and ship it.
The platform is free to use, and the whole fulfillment process including customer service is handled by them.

Below you will find websites where you can get free commercial use designs and images for print on demand.


On our website, we provide free editable designs that you can use for print on demand.
Those are commercial-free for use designs made by our designers and you can edit them as much as you want.

We always add new designs so bookmark our website and check us out from time to time.


On Pixabay you can find pictures and designs that are marked free for commercial use.
We did a full review of Pixabay here.

We also provided other websites where you can find free images for commercial use.

You can use Canva as a free photo editor and video editor! You can create stunning print-on-demand designs for free.
It is very simple to use, and no design experience or expertise is needed.

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