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Born in Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States. He served between 1825 and 1829, and is best known for his role in creating the Monroe Doctrine. He also led efforts to upgrade the U.S. Navy and helped negotiate a treaty with Great Britain that ended the War of 1812. While he supported many of Andrew Jackson’s policies, he also promoted policies that clashed with Jacksonian ideals.

For instance, he did not believe in the spoils’ system, which meant that he did not believe that government jobs should be given to political supporters or family members of politicians. He also believed in an independent judiciary, so he opposed Jackson’s efforts to pack the Supreme Court with judges who would support his policies.

However, Adams is best remembered for his service as a diplomat at the Paris Peace Conference in 1849. There, he worked to create a global response to issues including slavery and colonialism.

John Quincy Adams was a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Adams became a lawyer in Massachusetts. He served as a diplomat in France and Sweden before being elected to the House of Representatives in 1831. In 1848, he was elected vice president on the Democratic ticket with Zachary Taylor.

Two years later, he became president when Taylor died of cholera. This was just one year after his wife died from tuberculosis. Despite these personal tragedies, Adams remained active in politics during his presidency. He succeeded in removing federal tariffs on imported goods and signed legislation that created land-grant colleges for black Americans. As a result of his efforts to help expand education for black Americans, he is known as the “Father of the Land-Grant Colleges” or “Father of the Morrill Act.”

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