How To Edit Videos In Less Than 2 Minutes-Timebolt Review

In today’s article, I’ll explain how I edit my videos in under two minutes each day using a piece of software called timebolt.

Timebolt automates video editing by removing unnecessary parts.

This software allows you to optimize and shorten your videos without wasting your time and money.

I will explain why I use it, who should use it, do a full review of timebolt and showcase the functionalities of the software.

I use this software because I have two new YouTube channels that I started.

And I know if you listened to the YouTube experts, they would tell you it’s a bad idea.

However, I have a lot of ideas in my head, especially two topics I want to cover, but they are in two different niches.

On both channels, I showcase tools or do tutorials about platforms and software that I use.

So I needed software that would allow me to edit videos quickly.

My main goal for these new channels is to create as many videos as I can at the beginning.

I’m not trying to make perfect videos at the moment because these two channels are new. Quantity over quality.

I’m focusing more on the values that I’m providing in the video than trying to have different fancy intro outro or slide scenes. I don’t need all that right now.

I want to be able to edit my videos as quickly as possible so that I can upload them.

So that’s the reason why I was looking for something that will allow me to edit videos quickly. And that’s how I found timebolt.

This video editing software helps you automatically remove silence, speed up scenes, and cut commentary in video or podcasts right away.

What I use it for specifically on my side is to automatically remove silence from my videos.

I usually don’t have a script for my videos; instead, I just have some outlines that I want to cover.

I want to make sure that I cover my ideas in the video and I formalized the sentence in my head before I speak.

Because of that, there’s a lot of silence in my videos and I use timebolt to skip the silent parts in the videos.

Who this tool is not for

This video editing software will not work if you want to edit multiple video files in one place, zoom in and out, add intro or outro, and overlays.

IT doesn’t have those functionalities.

Who this tool is made for

This software will help you remove silence, do jump cuts, and speed up scenes for 1 video file.

For example, for me, all the tutorials that I do typically are in one shot. I don’t sometimes show my face.

As I don’t have multiple video files, I record my tutorial, then upload it to Timebolt, which removes the silence part of the video automatically.

You also need it if you are on a budget. Don’t spend your money on buying gears until you know if you want to make it something long-term.

Start with a small budget and then increase it when your channel starts getting attention.

And when you’re sure that this is something that you want to do for a long time.

This tool works for you if you do tutorials and screen capture but want to remove silence and do basic quick editing.

Timebolt free alternative

There are no timebolt free alternatives. You can purchase other video editing software with the same options but none of them are free or cheaper than timebolt.


The price at the time of writing this article is $70 per month, $97 per year and $247 for lifetime access.

I’m using the $17 per month option.

In the video below I made a tutorial showing how to use this video editor.

So watch it because I would be more helpful to you to show you all the aspects of the tool than to try to point them out in writing.

Alternative Video Editing Software

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a professional non-linear editing system used primarily for post production and effects work.

Though it has existed in some capacity since 1985, it first became popular in the 1990s for its ease of use.

Premiere Pro is cross-platform and can be used with film, video, and photo work around a single timeline.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the most popular movie editing software in the world.

When Final Cut Pro was introduced on the market in 1991, the idea of editing a sequence of photographs and sound was completely new.

The ability to access and manipulate complicated, layered material in this way would find a use in parts of the creative industries.


OpenShot is a video editing software that reduces the barrier to entry into video production.

We believe that this software will democratize the process of video production, therefore empowering people to create more content in more ways than ever before.

Windows Video Editor

Seamlessly merge multiple video files into one long video file, trim video segments using a time ruler, or split an existing long video into multiple shorter videos.

There are many more benefits to this software.


KineMaster mobile video editor is a video editor for your mobile device.

It’s packed with useful features, like a hyperlapse mode, 40+ mobile photo filters and effects, and more.

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