Kafkai Review And Tutorial 2022

I will review Kafkai.com by looking at pricing, reviewing the platform, and logging in to showcase what its online experience is like.

I’ll provide you with a conclusion at the end of this article and let you know who the software will benefit from and who it can’t.

 I’ll go over the pros and cons of the software.

Kafkai is a machine learning algorithm that helps you write content from scratch by using AI writing technologies. 

With Kafkai, you can create articles automatically within minutes. Provides you with several niches and topics to choose from and generates original content each time.

The company has multiple levels of pricing from $29/month for 100 articles up to $199/month for 2500 articles.

The Kafkai price plans all offer the same features, but they differ in the number of articles you can write per month. Higher the plan, the lower the price per article.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You also have a three-day free trial, but for the free trial, you will have to provide a credit card.

You may have to pay a small fee that they refund afterward – it may be about a dollar. They do also have an option to pay with PayPal.

I did a full video tutorial that you can watch below, and you can see what the platform looks like.

 It has pre-selected niches that you can pick from.
They do have an affiliate niche, but they cover many other niches that include beauty, car, business, and more.

There’s also one section they call general, if you don’t find the niche that you want, you can try to create a new article in general.

So, you want to create an article on dogs. When you click on the “dog niche” tab, it takes you to this page, and then it offers you different languages. 

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish are available.

What I found a little bit different from the other AI article writer tools that I reviewed is that, it allows you to generate random articles.

It’s different because you typically want articles to be generated for a specific keyword for your blog posts.

You aren’t looking for random articles to post.
The advanced option allows you to enter a seed sentence and the system will try to generate an article using those words.

It also has an extension that can be added to your WordPress website.
But when I tried to upload it, I got an error message stating that the extension was not compatible with my server’s PHP.

It has over 1,000 active installations, but only 2 reviews, and a rating of three stars out of five.

The last time it was updated was three weeks ago.
Unfortunately, you cannot set the length of words that are in an article.

You just write a seed sentence and just click generate to generate an article. The system will decide the length of the article.

I usually ask these programs to write a review about themselves, so, I request to write one article on Kafkai.com.
The first two titles I received were: “how to make a profit by bidding” and “design your own designs”.
Both titles had nothing to do with the seed sentence that I input. The titles had nothing to do with each other.

Find below a screenshot of the articles that I received with the seed sentences on top to judge for yourself.

The article quality is not good, to be honest, compared to other AI tools. I don’t find this to be at all to the standard when you’re trying to write an article for a blog.

I think this tool wasn’t made for bloggers trying to create content for their blogs.

It’s not going to help you; it’s just a headache. There’s no option to choose the length of the word or the keyword you want to cover.

I think this tool is intended for people who are doing SEO building backlinks for their website or what they call Black Hat Seo.

Black hat SEO is those techniques that people use to create their backlinks using Web 2.0, or private networks websites (PBN) and link back to their main website.(More on Black hat SEO here)

Before, people used spinning articles to pick articles and to generate up to 500 different articles from the same set of articles before this.

People then used other software that allowed them to post those articles to 100 of web2.0 websites and link back to a website of their choice.

The spinning software was not that great and they generally created content for bots, not humans.

 It was something I did a while ago, maybe four or five years ago.
That’s the only use case that I can find for this tool, creating random poor quality but unique articles to use to build backlinks using web 2.0 or PBN sites.

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