Kajabi Reviews 2022

Kajabi is an online service that offers you all the tools that you need to be able to sell products or to sell courses online.
I will go ahead and describe all the features that they have. I will talk about their pricing. I will also elaborate on the pros and cons that I see with the service. And I will also discuss who I think this service is best suited for or who this is not best suited for at the end of the video.

Kajabi Features

They allow you to sell digital products online. They give you all the options that you possibly need. You can create online courses, membership sites, have your own community pages. They also give you the option to create a website so you don’t have to use website builders like wordpress.

They integrate with PayPal and Stripe has payment processors.
They have a strong option for analytics that will help you see exactly what’s going on within your business.
You have the option to do email marketing,and give you all the tools you need So you don’t have to use other services like a MailChimp or AWeber.
You can create landing pages with pre-made pages templates .
You can create automation to be able to automate your marketing.
You are able to track your leads so you don’t need to have third party software that will help you to do that.
Llike I mentioned above, they also allow you to create communities. So if you are someone that has a following and you don’t want to have them on Facebook, they allow you to create your own community page.
For the pricing.
They have three main packages. You save 20% when you choose their annual billing option. If you go on a month to month basis, they have the basic package, which is $149 a month. The growth package, which is $199 per month, and the pro package at $399 per month. They offer a 14 day trial but you have to provide them a credit card. They will only charge you after the 14 days trial expires, and if you don’t cancel the trial.

The differences between the packages

With the basic package, you don’t have the option to use affiliates. You also don’t have the option to remove the Kajabi branding,and only have a basic option for the automation. They say that you have access to 24/7 chat support, If you have the growth and the pro package. they still give you chat support with the basic package. But those are, those are limited. It’s not 24 / 7.

There is also a difference in the number of contacts that you can have. So with the basic package you have up to 10000 contacts, 25000 contacts on the growth and a hundred thousand contacts on the pros package. You only have the option to create just one website with the basic and the growth. But with the pro you can have up to three websites.

They only offer you the option to manage affiliates with the growth package. So if you have the basic package, You have to get a third party option to be able to manage your affiliates if you decide to choose to use affiliates to sell your products.


So now I will go ahead and discuss what I like about the service that they offer. The pros that I’m seeing with everything they are offering.
It’s a one place stop shop. If you are a content creator online they provide you everything to run your business.

Dashboard Easy and simple to use:I really liked the way everything inside their dashboard is simple and easy to set up. For the website I can go just click on website and I will have access to the website templates. I will also have that option to tweak the website as much as I want to.

Everything is in one place. If I want access to the pages, I can just click on page and I can have access to all the page templates that they have available.

They have beautiful Premade templates: If you’re going to create a course, membership sites, a community page , a coaching program, they have a specific template to allow you to start right away.

I really like the fact that they have an option to create your own community with their own system. Like I stated above, especially if you are someone that doesn’t like to use platforms like Facebook to host your community there. They are one of the rare services that offers that option.

The website builder is also pretty easy to work with: Everything is simple. If you ever work with a website editor, this is going to be a piece of cake for you. It’s pretty easy to use.

I really like their help center: I think that’s one of the best help centers that I personally visited. The search bar is very efficient , every time I try to search for something, I’ll find it right away. Their help center content is great because it looks like every time a customer sends them a question, they add it to the help center with the response. So every question that you may have ,it was probably asked and you can find the answer for it.

They also offer you Kajabi university where you can find everything that you need to be able to create your own courses, how to set up your PayPal or to set up affiliates etc. They also host webinars, and you are able to watch the replays.

They also have a live chat option. For you to be able to, to ask questions.


I only found two issues to be honest the first issue is regarding the pricing. I think that their pricing is pretty high compared to what you can find on the market, but they do offer you a ton of future. And we that price, they only give you the option to remove their kajabi branding and also have affiliates starting from the growth package.I don’t like the fact that a person who pays 149/month (basic package) can’t have the option to remove kajabi branding on their pages or have affiliate. That is a steep price to pay per month and still not able to do those options. I can understand if it’s on a free package but not if I’m paying $149 per month.

My second issue is on the landing page templates.

I just think that the landing page template library that they have right now is not as big as I wish it was. And also the quality of those landing pages is not what I expected them to be, relative to the pricing that they have. let’s just say I didn’t find a lot of them that I liked. I did not see any option to do AB testing with the pages.

So now I’m going to discuss who I think this service is for and who I think that they are not a good fit for.
I think this is a good fit for you if you are an experienced marketer with a following. Especially if you have a following and you don’t want to host your community in places like Facebook.

This service is not for you If you are a new online marketers with no following or just a content creator looking for a place to host your courses. There are a lot of alternatives with cheaper pricing and great features that you can find in the market.

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