Kartra reviews 2022

I’m going to review Kartra an all in one online marketing tool. I’m going to discuss the features that they offer going through the pricing. And I will talk about the pros and cons of the service. And in the end, I will discuss who this is for and who I think the service is not for. So the first thing that impressed me a lot about them is the futures that they offer. They give you everything that you need to be able to run an online business. They provide you with checkout pages. You have the option to manage your leads on all that stuff.

Kartra Features

 They give you the option to create landing pages, squeeze pages checkout pages. They have pre-made templates with high quality. You can start from scratch, but they also have all different types of pages that you can already download. So, for example, if you click on page squeeze pages, you have example templates ready for you to preview.

They have templates for video sales pages, thank you pages, long sales pages, product launch pages, webinar registration pages, etc. So any pages that you can think of, they already have a template for you. You just select the one that you want. You can do AB testing with their pages, which is excellent. You can have multiple versions of your pages to try to see what’s converting better.

They offer you pop-ups. They give you a powerful tool to manage your leads. You can see all the activities that your the leads are making within your funnel. You can see every product that they already purchase. You even have a lead score. A customer value that is attached to the lead. So everything is there. The date the lead joins your funnel. Everything is there for you. You can follow the journey to see exactly what they’re doing.

They are one of the rare leads management services that offer you all those components to be able to manage and understand your lead’s journey better. They provide you email marketing, so you don’t need to get an email provider. They give you email templates that you can use and all the functionality that you can think of; They have it. They also let you automate your marketing campaign by automating the email that you send to your leads within the dashboard.

They already have prebuilt marketing campaigns for you, depending on what you are trying to sell. You can also download the campaign and then shared it with somebody else, or you can even purchase campaigns if you want to. They already have everything within the campaign like copyrights text so that if you’re not a copywriter, you can still use the pre-made temple and start selling.

They give you all the features that you need to be able to create membership sites. You can drip content, have multiple membership portals, tracking your student’s progress. They host all the files for you, video, audio texts, you name it, and they have multiple membership tiers that you can also set up.

You can structure the lesson the way you want, and they have templates for those already set up for you to be able to start selling as soon as possible. You can also have a chat section on the bottom of each lesson so students can leave comments, and you can answer those comments and moderates all the discussion within your membership. 

They have other marketing tools for the video that will allow you, for example, to add a call to action within a video for a specific lead that is within a particular place within your funnel. It gives you the option to create a personalized call to action in your videos. It’s not just a free video-hosting option, but they give you some tools to manage the video. To make it more marketing-friendly. You have the option to create a help desk.

You can have your own team. So you don’t need to purchase a third-party help desk support solution. Everything is there. You can assign roles for your agents to be able to resolve tickets. You are able to set up a Wiki website with their help desk platform. They offer you the option to create calendars where you can schedule appointments. Another feature that you don’t have to pay for. They also give you the option to use affiliates, with their affiliate management tool. 

They have what they call the Kartra agency. The agency option allows you to create your own agency for Kartra customers where you can manage their marketing for them, and they can give you access to the Kartra accounts. You can also build a Kartra business, and you can sell part of the business to somebody else that you would just charge monthly. 

They have Kartra marketplace. So the marketplace is basically a place where you can hire experts of Kartra, or you can buy a pre-made campaign. And possibly sell your own services or pre-made templates.

 So I’m going to discuss the pricing structure quickly. So they have four pricing options. They have starter plan at $99 a month, the silver plan at $199 a month, $299 for the gold and the platinum at $499. The difference between the pricing is about the number of leads, and the number of bandwidth that you can have on those pages per month.

So the more business, the more traffic, the more leads that you have, the higher the prices will be. But to be honest with everything that they offer, everything that you don’t have to pay for, I think that the pricing is good and affordable because you have one tool that allows you to have a whole business online. They do have a $1 trial offer for 14 days for the starter package. To get the offer, you have to go to their pricing page and try with your mouse to exit, then the pop-up will show for the offer.


 They offer you all the features that you can possibly need to have an online business. You don’t have to get a third party software to be able to manage your online business. Everything in one place. They have a marketplace where you can get experts that can help you with the product set up, if you don’t want to set it up yourself. They are pre-made pages and marketing templates for you with already Copyrighted sales pages. This is a service that gives you all the tools that you need in one place to succeed. 

 They also give you options to recruit affiliates with their own affiliate marketplace. So if you, if you don’t have affiliates, you can use their own affiliate marketplace to recruit affiliates to promote your product.

Again, everything that you need to succeed in one place. 


The only con that I can talk about, and I don’t even think it is a con, but they have so many tools that the learning curve can take a lot of your time. They give you all the training necessary to be able to do that. But it is important for you to save time to go through the ins and outs of all the different facets of the tools so that you can use them the best possible way. They have, like I mentioned earlier, a $1 trial that you can use for 14 days. You can take 14 days to understand the tool better before you start paying for it.

Who should or shouldn’t use Kartra

Now I’m going to talk about who this is for and who this is not for that. This is really for you, If you are an online marketer, new or experimented, with a big or small following.If you want to sell products online, generate leads, create a membership site then this tool will be great for you. It’s really a one-stop-shop where you don’t have to get a different marketing tool.

The only people that I can think that I may say this is not for is for people who are creating online courses and want an option to provide their students with some form of a certificate or quizzes at the end. So if you want to create an online course where you can provide a certificate, or create quizzes, this will not be a service for you.

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