Kyvio reviews 2020

Today we are going to review the Kyvio marketing platform in 2022. kyvio is a service that will allow you to create funnels, membership websites, and does also email marketing. So we will be reviewing the smart funnels that will allow you to create funnels, smart membership to create membership sites, smart mailer to do email marketing, and smart affiliates to use affiliates to sell your product. So we will review all the functionality that they have.

We will talk about the good, the bad and ugly regarding the service. And at the end we will also let you know who this service is more suitable for or who this service may not be the right fit for. 

The pricing

 They have three tiers of pricing: kyvio basic, which is $29 per month on a monthly basis, kyvio business $69 per month and the kyvio pro, which is $149 per month. They have a trial offer for $1 for 14 days.

Now the best one to use is the $69 one because it has mostly everything that you need. The biggest difference between the $69 per month one and $149 per month is that with the $69 per month one you don’t have an option to export your funnel. So if you have a funnel that you created and you want to share it with your students,for example, you won’t be able to do that. You need to have the $149 per month package. 

The pricing is really competitive compared to what other similar services would charge you for the same products.

 The support option is by ticket base, they don’t have a live chat support. You have to create a ticket for them to be able to answer any question that you may have or resolve any issue that you may have with your product. When you sign up the first thing that you will see an option to a book, a business strategy call.It is more an upsell call because they mention in their video that they won’t discuss any question that you may have regarding how to use their platform.


The dashboard is simple and easy to use . 

They  offer you marketing training for free with their smart Academy . 

I’m going to discuss now the pros and cons of the service.

 We got into pros

 they provide you with all the tools  that you need to do online marketing. 

You can create sales funnels with templates ready for you. 

You can create your membership site. 

You have the option to use affiliates to sell your products with their affiliates management tool. 

With smart Miller or you can do email campaigns.

 They provide you a lot of the basic stuff for you to use. And the pricing  is very competitive . 

I like the range of pre-built templates that they’re offering.

 You can even add and import your members from your old membership site to the new one you built with them. But it’s something that you will have to do yourself.


When reviewing their service , I found some issues that to me  shouldn’t happen. 

On the smart mailer page , the training video is just a video of a picture that doesn;t have nothing to do with the product or their service. I think it is a placeholder that still hasn’t been replaced yet. For me it is a lack of detail that worries me a little bit.

There is a video that should be there and  if there is no video just the fake place holder.

They provide you templates for different types of funnels ( webinar, lead generation etc), but the templates are not classified per funnel type. So if you want to create a webinar funnel for example, you actually have to go through all the templates and filter them  for yourself to find which one was made for a webinar type funnel. You wish that when you click on a webinar funnel,You wish that the templates that you will see are just for webinar, but that’s not the case you see all the templates that they have .

Some of the premade template preview  functions don’t work. If you click on some of the templates so that you can actually see what it looks like , you get a blank page.

So those are just little things. Obviously I’m not trying to be picky here, but I also have a lot of expectations if I’m spending money to use a service. Because I want to make sure that the product does work and will not break.

But that’s just the only critics that I have regarding the service itself. I wish that they would tighten up a little bit better as far as taking care of those little bugs.

 Who should use Kyvio?

This is for you If you are a new to intermediate online marketer and you have 0 to a small following online and are trying to find a service where you will be able to create funnels ,landing pages,membership sites, email marketing etc.

Kyvio will also fit online marketers who want to create funnels with a tool that integrates with JV zoo, ClickBank or  the warrior forum to sell your product. If you are in that world then this will be great for you.

 Who shouldn’t use Kyvio?

Kyvio will not be suitable for online course creators who want to have options like providing a certificate to their students because they don’t have that functionality. It will not also be suitable for someone with a large following and potentially trying to use a different service to host their membership sites. A lot of online marketing businesses come and go and I will hold off a couple more years before moving all your business with them. Just to make sure that they are still around.

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