Ontraport reviews 2022

So today’s marketing tool review for 2022 is about ontraport.com. They offer multiple marketing tools in one place. They have a CRM option that will allow you to track your leads and to see exactly all the actions that they are taken inside your funnel. Email marketing allows you to create a whole email campaign. You are able to do SMS text messages, send and receive text messages.

You are able to create landing pages. Checkout forms and pages and also membership sites but you have to have a word press website to be able to do that.

I had a chat session with their representative asking them questions about their services. And was able to get all the answers I needed to understand what I was buying. I’m going to share the exchange, so that you can understand what they offer beyond what they put on their website. Please see below:


Do you charge transaction fees?

ontraport. 09:55

Hi there! We do not, we generally integrate with a Gateway such as Stripe or PayPal, to be used on our forms, they may take a fee, or have a monthly charge, separate from us.

Visitor 09:56

What is your process to help with migration from another platform?

ontraport. 09:58

We might be able to assist with some set up on our side, as well as carrying over open orders or transaction history – this would generally be done by our developers are additional cost. They would need to get a scope of the project, and see what pieces we can help with, and provide an estimate of cost.

Visitor 10:00

so to be clear it is not included in any of the packages but I have to pay additional fees if I want you guys to do the transfer correct?

ontraport. 10:00

That’s correct

We also offer two hours of set up / onboarding included – but that is generally building things inside Ontraport, not migration service, or advanced setups.

Visitor 10:01

for online courses I guess you do have the option for us to create quiz for our students?

ontraport. 10:03

Yes we allow you to create fields, and add them to forms and pages – you can use our campaigns to review answers or even “grade” a result by setting it up to do so. We do not have much built in gamification if that is what you are after with the quizzes

Visitor 10:05

Do you by chance have an option that we can provide a completion certificate after a student completes the whole course?

ontraport. 10:06

What kind of certification, are you wanting a physical paper of sorts?

Visitor 10:06

no just a digital one

ontraport. 10:08

Perhaps, you can store files with us, and send them to contacts as links they can then download, I’m not sure if you could plug in their data automatically, that would likely require some kind of integration with a PDF creator tool or similar

Visitor 10:09

ha ok good suggestion so I’m able to track if a student completes and pass all exams that I set up?

ontraport. 10:10

Yes, you would need to set up a custom campaign or rules for this, to activate when they submit the form, and filter the answers, and perhaps add points to a numeric field for that quiz

Visitor 10:10

ok perfect

Do you offer a search functionality for my students to search for a course or a doc ?

ontraport. 10:12

Hm, no search function – you might need to code that into a page perhaps

Visitor 10:13

I have that option to have my web developer to add some codes in the pages you provide ?

ontraport. 10:14

Yeah you can add header code, or custom elements to our pages

Visitor 10:14

regarding affiliates what is the payout process that you offer for me to pay my affiliates with your service?

ontraport. 10:16

We would basically handle the program, and the data – giving them promo links and such, you would get a list of pending payments to approve, then you could export that, and import to Paypal to pay them, for example

The payment is not done “directly” with us in this case

Visitor 10:16

Is it possible to share funnels like clickfunnel does?

ontraport. 10:20

Yeah you can build pages, emails and campaigns, and then share the assets to other accounts / clients

One thing with that sharing, you cannot include custom code currently in those assets

Visitor 10:20

What is the support option you offer ?

after the free set up calls

ontraport. 10:23

Yeah so you get access to Live Chat, as well as scheduled screenshares to assist you, we generally do not build for you on these, but can show you how to create emails, pages, campaigns and such

Live chat , eail schedule a screenshare

Live chat hours

Monday to turdays 6am to 12 am pst

Friday 6am to 9pm pst

Sat and sunday 9am-9pm pst


The basic package $79/month, the plus package $147/month, the pro package $297/month, and an enterprise package, which is $497/month. The differences between the packages are basically the number of contacts that you can have. And also certain tools, some options are not available obviously in the lower package.

They have a 14 day trial that you can use without entering a credit card. But unfortunately They don’t necessarily let you have the full spectrum of all their services during that trial.

The pros of the service that they offer

To me after going through their website and chatting with them ,their customer support and customer service is really outstanding. They do everything that they can to support their customers. If you have presale questions that you want to ask, you can go on the website, chat with someone. As you saw above, I chatted with the representative, I asked them multiple questions and they are very knowledgeable.

They were giving me the right answer, giving me everything that I needed as far as knowing exactly what I was going to buy.They have live chat support, email even screen share where they can send you an invite and you share your screen with them and they will help you troubleshoot the issue you may have.

They also offer you most of the online marketing tools in one place. You have a CRM, the option to create landing pages, email and SMS marketing. You have the option to create forms and also membership sites. You have everything that you need for your marketing and not have to pay for a different service.

They offer premade marketing templates ready for you to use.

Their page builder is very easy to use.

You have the option to do AB testing.

They host your contents inside your page for free so you don’t have to pay for a third party hosting company.

They also allow you the option to add Facebook comments in your pages.

Pre Made pages template (checkout pages, landing pages etc).

The Cons

So one of the things that I wish they had is more landing page templates. They do offer some templates, but I wish that they had more.

Some of those templates you actually have to pay for them. I wish that they were all free because obviously you’re already paying for the service.

I wish that their funnel creation workflow is less complicated than they make it. They should have a process for you to create your funnel with a few clicks.

To have a membership site you have to have a wordpress website. They don’t host your membership site on their platform. The membership sites are not available with the basic package. You have to be out the plus and a package for you to be able to have that option.

All affiliates management options are only available starting with their plus package.

Who ontraport is best suitable for?

This is a great marketing tool for a business with a sales/marketing team. A local or national business that sells services or possibly physical products.

But this is really for a company with a marketing/ sales team.

Who this is not for?

The service is not for online marketers, especially new online marketers. Online marketers can find cheaper alternatives that are more suitable for content creators.

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