Simvoly reviews 2020

Today we’re going to review, a service that will allow you to create website, to build landing pages, funnels, membership sites, and also it will allow you to have your own white label products so you can sell the same product they are selling like if you are the one that created your own software.

I will showcase the functionality of their software to show you what I see as big wins when you’re using this service and also expose all the shortcomings or all the issues that they may have with their service.

I will also discuss who I think shall use them, and who this service won’t be beneficial for. So when you go to their website, one of the things that I like about what I found is that they do have a live chat option so you can directly interact with people and ask quick presale questions.

They also have a lot of videos that  will show you how to use the services. Before you even purchase anything or use their trial, they show you exactly the services that they offer, and how to use them. And they also have an active YouTube channel.

Simvoly Pricing

As I mentioned, you have  options to create websites, eCommerce stores, landing pages, create funnels and also membership sites. They  have beautiful premade  templates for multiple types of niches.

The price ranges from $12 to $199 per month, but the $99 a month price point is the best price point that they offer and it gives you most of the options that they offer. You can for sure start with a $29 per month one, which is not bad, but you can only create one website and five funnels.

For somebody who is starting with online marketing, the $29 per month price point would be the best to start with. You have 60 gigabytes of traffic bandwidth, which is about 60 K visitors per month. The only drawback with the $29 per month one is that  it does not offer the recurrent payment option,  if you want to create a membership site.

Even though they show us that the membership site is available on all on all platforms, it doesn’t really provide you recurring payment options which is vital for a membership site if you don’t have the  $99 per month price point.

Simvoly Features

So let’s go through the features that they offer a little bit. So they offer you the option to create funnels. As I mentioned, you can connect to your domains. They also have for you free SSL, which is kind of standard right now and you also have the option to have a CRM.

It allows you to basically look into your customer database and understand your leads, understanding your customers a little bit better. They have an AB testing functionality, which I think is the strongest option that they offer. Their AB testing is so easy to use and easy to understand. 

They have analytics for their funnels, different checkouts pages that you can use as an option for you to add a bump offer. Full eCommerce solutions. They offer 0% transaction fees. They have live chat support. Now, one of the unique features that they offer is a white label option. So let’s say that you want to have your own service to sell landing pages or to sell website builders or membership site builders.

If you want to have that option, you can use their service as a white label. You can have your own platform where you will be selling the same services  that they are selling but branded as your own. And for affiliates or for somebody that has a big following, and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to create a software platform but you always wanted to have your own service they will be the best option for you.

You get 35 to 55% off the product for you to resell. They offer you the same support. So your customers will  have the same live chat support that  they offer for their own customers. And it’s a non branded support so the customer won’t know that  it’s a third party that is offering the support. All you have to do is build a website that they have premade templates for, and drive the traffic to it.

I really like the way they set up everything. Their  platform is easy to use. You have templates for everything funnels, webinars, membership sites. Their website builder is also easy to use.Option to add schema markup,custom codes, all basic SEO options are available. You can watch our youtube video review about simvoly, where I did a review of all the templates they have.

But note that as far as hosting the webinar themselves, you will have to use a third party service to be able to set it up. And the same thing for your video contents, you will have to use a third party service to host the content for you. 

They don’t have the options to set up quizzes at the end of the courses. So if you have somebody that wants to add quizzes to your course, then it’s not going to be good for you. So definitely not something that you can use for  online courses. 


I really loved the templates and the builders to create your website and pages. The flow and  how they show you how to use their service is really, really great. It’s easy to understand. It’s easy to use. Everything is simple. They have plenty of videos to teach you how to use the service.

I also like the pricing. I think their pricing point is very competitive compared to the market for what they offer. So you can, depending on the level of business that you have,  use even a $12 per month package. But really for serious content creators  you need to choose between $24  per  month the  $59 per month package. They also have multiple payment processing options that you can add like  Stripe etc. They even have bank transfers. 

As I mentioned earlier, one of the strongest features that they have is really the split testing option for the funnel and also visualising your funnel stats. You will be able to  See what’s going on in your funnel, study your conversion rate so you can tweak your marketing. Easy to set up A/B testing.

Their white label offer is unique in the market , and it sets them apart especially for marketers who want to sell their own branded website builder products. 


They don’t answer quickly with their live chat support. I tried the support and sent them questions but did not get an answer for more than an hour. The response time frame isn’t great specially for a live chat support.

They don’t have the option to host your contents (audio,video, text files), you will need to use a third party service for that.

They don’t have the option for you to add quizzes at the end of your courses. 

They don’t offer you the option to manage affiliates, if you had them. You will also need to pay for a different service for that.

The eCommerce section that they have is not made for dropshippers. You will struggle if you try to do dropshipping with the service, because it doesn’t have the functionalities that will allow you to sell online dropshiping products. 

Now let’s  discuss who simvoly is best suited for and who it is not made for

Simvoly is for you if you are a new online marketer looking for an affordable price to be able to create marketing funnels and possibly host a basic membership site with only video content (you will have to host your video content with another service).

It is also great for online marketers who have their own websites where they host their product, but are looking for a platform to build their marketing funnel with. If your website lack flexibility to create funnels with A/B testing and the option to tweak your marketing to have better conversation rates, then simvoly can be added in your tools to allow you to do that.

Also If you want to have your own white label software,  white label website builder, funnel creation software, this is going to be perfect for you. 

Now this service is not suitable for you if you are an online course creator, because it doesn’t give you the option to create quizzes,drip content,chat with your students etc.

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